The age of the Sari Bikini

Aastha Atray Banan

It could say a lot about what Indian women think is their best asset

Fire and ice

From Mango Daulat Ki Chaat to Mishti Doi Lollipops, top chefs pick dishes appropriate for mercury rising

Where to Go This Summer

Eight destinations to get away

Summer Relief

At 40º C if you can’t handle the heat, it’s time to get out of the plains. But where to? We squinted at the globe, stared at the map and called the experts to come up with a summer travel menu of places that’ll re-sap your spirits. Read on for where to smell the wildflowers, listen to the stomp of wildebeest and how to jump off an aircraft so you can hurtle earthwards at 200 kmph.

We Know What You’ll Do This Summer

The movies releasing this season may lack big star power. But they are still reason enough for you to be spending long hours in cinema halls.


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