The Success of JLF

Swapan Dasgupta

I am yet to crack the mystery as to why a literature festival, whose proceedings are in English, enjoys such an enormous popularity

The Kohli Rate of Growth

Economic lessons from the captain’s chase

In One’s Own Company

Conversations with lonely people

Success Crazy

The strange brouhaha over co-opting Satya Nadella’s achievement

An Uneven Ride

The television host hits the golf course to get 40 high profile people to reveal the secrets of their success

There Is Such a Thing as Too Much of an Incentive

People can become so afraid of losing their potentially lucrative reward that their performance suffers

The Unlikely Hero

He has neither the looks nor the genes to back him, but Emraan Hashmi is quietly and surefootedly climbing his way up with one hit after another

Overconfidence Pays

It seems that a realistic assessment of one’s own abilities can be a disadvantage in situations where the returns are high


One of the highest paid sportsmen in the world, India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni once needed the kindness of his friends for a good meal


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