The TikTok Trap

Siddharth Singh

India was prescient to note the danger

Politics, Paranoia and Pegasus

NSO was caught unawares thanks to the advanced research done by the head of Amnesty International’s Berlin-based Security Lab, Claudio Guarnieri


John le Carré told us, was strictly a thinking man’s profession

Open Diary

The Cold War and Mitrokhin revelations

Open Diary

Our perceptual gap with the West on Russia and the need to educate Uber and Ola drivers 

Open Diary

The legacy of John Le Carre and the life of a political activist


It is very easy to bug—and to get bugged. Inside the world of everyday spying

Hazards of Spying

It has been found that stalking an ex-lover on Facebook impedes one’s emotional recovery

A Snatched Home

The diary of an Afghan who fled his country after being accused of spying against the Italian forces posted there

Innocent but Guilty

An Indian maths scholar in the US is convicted on the absurd charge of threatening George W Bush. He faces over three decades in prison. His scientist father was once unjustly jailed by India for being a US spy. The story of a family’s battle for justice.


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