South Korea

A Thaw in East Asia

Pallavi Aiyar

Are Japan and South Korea ready for a rapprochement?

The Brutal Honesty of Kim Ki-duk (1960-2020)

The celebrated and controversial South Korean director’s films were replete with gore, violence and sex, but they also exposed our hypocrisies

Parasite Movie Review

The movie is a recommended watch

The Cult of K

India too succumbs to the invasion of South Korean cosmetics

Time for Snowmanship

South Korea wants to make the grandest Winter Olympics ever. Lhendup G Bhutia in Pyeongchang reports on the preparations

How to be Hungry But Untouchable

North Korean missiles and the tenuous balance of a safe world

The Jeju Jig

The possibilities of this South Korean island range from dormant volcanoes to hologram concerts to the kinkiest of adult parks

Penguin Odyssey 2016

A brief note on South American penguins from Korea that have touched down in Mumbai

The ‘Ignorance’ of India

Surveys become talking points and trending topics on social media. Perhaps that is their only purpose, for it is hard to imagine what such findings are useful for

Kerala Loves Kim

The unlikely popularity of one South Korean filmmaker among Malayalee cinephiles


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