Tarun Bhartiya: The Last Songs of Life

Janice Pariat

Tarun Bhartiya’s documentary is a celebration of the essential Northeast whose music carries the sighs and sorrows of the soil

‘Yeh Duniya Pittal Di’

How Bollywood’s Punjabi inflection unifies India

Kaka’s Other Voices

Remembering those immortal Rajesh Khanna hits that were not sung by his usual playback artiste Kishore Kumar

The Making of an Audience

Can playing great music on the radio or the internet tempt people into buying songs they’ve never heard before?

Why We Still Love Apache Indian (and Bryan Adams)

As a country, we love songs we can sing along with. Perhaps because that takes us back to being the cool young kids we once were

Songs on Their Last Breath

Rajasthan’s folk music might be endangered, but its causes are ever relevant: caste and women’s empowerment

Tuneful Whistleblowers

In this association of engineers, software professionals and doctors, whistling is a group activity.


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