social media

The Instant Happening World

Madhavankutty Pillai

On Trump’s Twitter sacking spectacle and Indian viral video stars

Social Coercion

Facebook’s ban on cryptocurrency advertisements is problematic

Modi and the Millennials

The Prime Minister serenades India’s most powerful demographic group with 2019 on his mind

The Well-Connected Cops of Bengaluru

The Twitter handle of the city police is about to cross a million followers. Meet the team of constables behind the makeover

Inside the Hate-Modi Industry

The visceral hatred for Modi is making many observers of politics lose their objectivity. In their desperation to see him on his knees, they find meanings where none exists


What’s wrong with personalised slogans?

Modiness in the Age of New Me-Dia

To be in permanent conversation with India, Modi thinks he doesn’t require the shrinking space of conventional media

The Advantages of Indecency

On the strategic nastiness of Abhijeet, the troll


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