The Smell of Rice

Sumana Roy

My existential fragrance

A Good Nose

Humans can tell apart as many as one trillion types of odour

Choosing a Mate by Smell

A new study shows that mice pass on genetic information through their urine

Scent Signal

The sweat of a person displaying fear or disgust can trigger the same emotion in those who smell it

The Scent of a Man

…and the secret of sniffing out Mr Right

The Pleasant Smell of Old Age

Humans can identify old age by its smell, and they find this scent pleasant

The Scent of a New Theory

Fresh evidence favours the controversial idea that quantum effects may be responsible for our sense of smell

In Search of the Smell of Rain

A group of art students learnt synthetic biology to make bacteria produce the smell of rain in a lab. They almost succeeded.

The Taste of Smell

The impact of smell on taste is known to all, but even your sense of taste may influence what you smell.


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