Shahid Kapoor

Salman’s Sunny Side up

Rajeev Masand

Former Flames Unite • Unhappy Playing Second Fiddle

A Package to Watch out for

Broken Heart Therapy • Thankless and Indifferent


Wrought with great intellectual and technical finesse, this film is pure poetry in motion

The Crafty Hairdressers of Bollywood

Blooming Bromance • The Terrifying Evil Twin

The sticky ex

The Sticky Ex • Back in School Again • The Sleazy Super Agent

Deepika in Demand

Deepika in Demand • Shahid’s Getaway • A Hot and Heavy History


The cool tapori act works for Salman but Shahid doesn’t have the panache to pull it off

Not as Brave as His Film

Not as Brave as His Film • Second Choices • Honourable in Debt

Sunny Days on Television

Sunny Days on Television • Mix and Match • Another Sort of High

A Collection of Rejections

A Collection of Rejections • Evil Supergirl • The Casting Cash


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