Great Expectations

Sonali K

How can someone else know what you want in bed if you don’t?

When Literature Turns Hysterical

A video project by American artist Clayton Cubitt explores the battle between mind and body, and the tension between art and sex

My Lipstick and Other Discoveries

Why sexual fatigue is the best thing that’s happened to me lately

Debjani and Darcy

Anuja Chauhan gives us the kind of romance we fantasise—without spelling out the sex

Money and Men

The two share an under-evolved relationship


If only he had good performers, Sudhir Mishra’s formulaic narrative might have worked

Monogamy by Design

…is not as easy as it is touted to be

The Goodbye at the End of a Night

…and why it doesn’t have to be an awkward, shame-filled moment

The Thing about Older Men

…is that they (sometimes) compensate well for the few extra inches around their waistline

Confessions of a Rave-Party-Goer

“Some people were drinking alcohol, others were on chemical drugs. But not everyone was on drugs, as is widely believed of raves”


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