Ideals of the Past

Shaikh Ayaz

Glimpses of ancient India’s cultural interaction with the West

Material Lightness

The buoyancy of KS Radhakrishnan’s sculptures

Ravinder Reddy: The Man with the Heads

Having made over 100 fibreglass figures in the past 30 years, Ravinder Reddy continues to be interested in the human form and its ability to arrest attention

Sculptural Fictions

A meditation on Mahabalipuram

London Notebook

The sculptures of Trafalgar Square

G Ravinder Reddy: Heads-Up Icon

G Ravinder Reddy’s women are inordinately large and vivid, urging upon us the full scale of the human experience. The artist in conversation with V Shoba

Bharti Kher: The Body Memoirist

Bharti Kher smells with her tongue to make her art

Undoing the Ordinary

The carefully postured bodies in the paintings of Francisco Goya, or the ones reduced to an abstraction in the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, transform into bizarre entities in a fascinating exhibition that examines notions of health and healing in India


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