Pathshala No 1


The interest in the school where Modi attended primary classes has led to the shala being developed as a inspiration centre for schoolchildren

Once Upon a Time in Monterey

Delightful and real like its characters, Big Little Lies is my smile for all the big little things that make my life a constant source of happiness

Too cool for school

What happens when the ideal student goes bad? You get Adarsh Balak as an internet sensation

School for Politicians

A civic leadership incubator programme in Bangalore attempts to teach future political leaders skills of governance. Priyanka Pulla attends a session to find out what it takes to educate a politician

The Boy Who Doesn’t Talk in Class

Dear Principal: do you have a problem with an autistic child in your school?

Always Kabhi Kabhi

This production and its performances have ‘amateur’ stamped all over them

Danger, School Ahead

Kidnapping, guns, threats, blackmail. This is how school bullies are playing their power games nowadays. So much so that even the CBSE has had to sit up and take note.

Gaming the System

Q2L, a new school in the US, is changing the rules of the learning game.

We Don’t Need No Board Exams

If Kapil Sibal expects wide applause for his proposals to modify schooling in India, he is in for some disappointment


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