rural India

Population Control: Let Her Have a Choice

Nikita Doval

Population control won’t succeed until women get to decide. A report from the frontline of family planning

Drinking Water: Not a Pipe Dream

Ensuring drinking water for every household needs a community-driven system and a new mindset

Pankaj Tripathi: The Ultimate Realist

Pankaj Tripathi is inspired by the beauty of everydayness

Time to Splurge

In election season, it is usual to see populist spending but this time there’s a twist or two in the story

The Roadshow Apart

Protest marches by farmers and emotive appeals by politicians are no substitute for the need to fix India’s broken farm sector

Feroze Varun Gandhi: ‘We’ve gone from medievalism to post-modernism without really having a civilisation in between’

Feroze Varun Gandhi attempts to correct the ill effects of historical processes through his tome on rural distress

Mind the Gap

It takes a village to understand an unequal society

The Poor Will Pave the Way for 2019

What’s cooking in the countryside?


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