Can’t Share Details of Missing Troops Along LAC: MoD

Ullekh NP

It is sensitive information, says ministry in response to a query on casualties in this year’s skirmishes along the India-China border

A Couple of Letters

Madhu and Subhash Agrawal are chronic RTI applicants and letter writers with a Guinness record each

The RTI Grandmother

This 80-year-old from a Rajasthan village uses storytelling to make dharnas enjoyable

The Man Who Dares to Bare

On the fifth anniversary of India’s Right to Information Act, it’s time to ask: does it work? Judge from the story of one of India’s bravest RTI activists, Kheemaram, who has filed nearly 400 applications, shaken up his village and suffered a series of attacks and death threats

The Unstoppable RTI Maverick

Afroz Alam Sahil’s latest breakthrough can tell you all you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the Batla House encounter.


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