Paul Salopek: ‘Walking turns the planet new again’

Nandini Nair

Paul Salopek is retracing on foot the route our ancestors took out of Africa. Nandini Nair meets up with the adventurist of slow journalism

Before the Bend in the River

Vignettes from the village of Parli in Palakkad, Kerala

‘You carry your roots with you even when your home is elsewhere’

Home is any place where you are comfortable in your skin. Roots are much deeper.

‘I feel like a stranger in a strange city’

Khar, now an affluent enclave of the city, was once a small suburb, dotted with bungalows and modest buildings.

‘I am still searching for a place to call home’

What impacted me even more than growing up with art and culture was growing up with freedom and the space to question—this has had a profound impact on my choices, my values and the person I am

A Historical Sense

What Sanskrit has meant to me

‘I feel like a South Indian trapped in a North Indian body’

The thing about Chandigarh is that nobody is really from Chandigarh.

‘Nature has humbled me and also toughened me’

I am still a boy from the hills who believes in the goodness of the human heart

The Unsafe Augusts of Assam

Augusts on the banks of the Brahmaputra have been unconventional for more than three decades

The Home That Never Left Us

And the strange thing about memory


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