Hunger Games

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why fasts are a political weapon that becomes less and less effective with repetition

Attitudes of Identity

A Tambrahm between tradition and modernity

The Days of Durga

The genesis of Bengal’s biggest festival

A Mosque in Paris

What the history of the city’s first Muslim place of worship says about an issue that continues to cause controversy

Still Romancing Jejuri

In Arun Kolatkar’s footsteps, 50 years later

‘I like poetry because I can write about the essence of things,’ says Ali Cobby Eckermann

Aboriginal poet and author Ali Cobby Eckermann records the importance of ritual and recognition

A River Runs through It

Coursing along India’s riparian culture

Genital Mutilation: A Painful Tradition

Is it genital mutilation? A debate rages on a controversial Bohra practice

The Fatal Charm of Death

Like a perfect lover, death will continue to fascinate the living


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