Being Tamil

N Kalyan Raman

Tracing the cultural evolution of a state

412-Years-Old Traditions Come Alive in Thiruvattar

The revival of ancient traditions at Shri Adi Keshava Perumal temple

Why Congress is Essential for India and How it Can Be Revived

Congress must rejuvenate itself, bringing in fresh faces and young blood into its leadership at all levels. It would help if the party took steps to promote inner-party democracy and a more consultative decision-making style: Open up the party to internal elections for its key positions. Seek the views of a wide cross-section of party stalwarts, not just a favoured few. Allow and encourage the emergence of local, state and regional leaders, ratified by periodic votes of party members

The Equity Cult: Hopes of Revival

An obituary of equities would be vastly exaggerated— ‘loss aversion’ is largely irrational and can be exploited by savvy bargain hunters

Microfinance: Signs of Revival

Microlending was banned in Andhra on charges of exploitation. Can RBI regulation set things right in the sector?

Bravo! Another Curtain Call!

The Ministry of Culture has announced a slew of measures to put life back into the theatres of India. But theatre and its practitioners want and need much more.


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