Kiss, Split and Tell

Sohini Chattopadhyay

A unique museum touring the world stores memories of love relationships, post their expiry dates. A conversation with founder and curator Olinka Vištica

A Life Less Ordinary

This Orange Prize winner lays bare the fissures in seemingly perfect relationships.

I Can’t Think Straight

Except for the great kissing scenes, this ‘coming out’ movie takes too straight a turn.

The Human Superorganism

Science sheds light on how our genes shape our friendships and how these in turn influence our emotions such as happiness and our habits such as smoking

Untidy Love

An action-packed narrative of marriage, divorce, family pressure and clever manipulation on all sides, of tears and words followed by hugs and kisses.

Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears

With her, no outcome could be final. The story of a Bangladeshi girl who battles familial mores to follow her heart.

Teen Love

Today, romance is a preoccupation with urban teenagers who are not yet 14. They must survive this minefield without deep wounds. How much can parents do?

Married to the Stud

What do you do when your husband is a bodybuilder?

What Men Want in the Morning

And why storytellers cannot tell the whole truth about men


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