A Pause in Romance

Aditya Sudarshan

Relationships win at the cost of love in serialised shows on the internet

The Mind Readers

Tracing a remarkable friendship between two professors who demolished several myths of human nature

The Slow Road

Friends, food and conversations

The Economics of Romance

Being priced out of the dating market

Lovers Only

Room service for unmarried couples

The Asexuals

They are untouched by libido, and Lhendup G Bhutia finds out why

Eggs on A Breast

Preparing your body for lovemaking has its own charm

The Latest Ghost Story

In which you swipe left to erase a relationship

Here Come the Bum-Biters

Paraphilia is the new normal. But can you ever really love a pervert?

The Art of Proposing: The Question of a Lifetime

The art of proposing and why some women are still not dazzled


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