Reforms and Resilience

Rajeev Deshpande

The government will not abandon its ambitious spending plans despite inflation and war

A Rethink on Sedition?

With the government changing its stance, a more lenient law could be on the cards

Uncertainty Among the Bohras

Reeling under a succession dispute since 2014, the million-strong wealthy community is struggling between conservatism and reform

Open Diary

The Triple Talaq Bill is aimed at encouraging a movement within the Muslim community for reforms in the Sharia Act

The Jail Telecast

Viyyur Central Prison in Kerala starts a television channel of its own, by the inmates for inmates

What’s wrong with Islam?

Calling for a reformation movement in Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her new book argues that the problem with Islam lies within

The Small Bang Theory

The prudence of avoiding revolutions set in motion by big bang reforms

The Unwitting Reformer

The silver lining to Sanjay Dutt’s never-ending parole

How Georgia Did It

Eight years ago, faced with rampant corruption, Georgia took a series of drastic steps, among them the overnight sacking of the entire police force. Did it work?


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