Imagination & Emojis

Nandini Nair

The emotional evolution in reading and writing

Where the Mind Is Without Fear

To be a witness, if not a channel for others’ voices

Best of Books 2018: Crime Fiction

Unreliable narrators, bear poachers, undercover Russian agents and much more

Mumbai Notebook

The vacuum left by Strand Bookstall's closure

Bibliomania Unbound

Books as objects of obsession

Best Books of 2017

This year threw up numerous gems from some expected but mostly unexpected corners

Open Diary

The privileges of being an MP, airport embarrassment and a visionary proposal

Dressing up the Book

We are never alone together, the text and I

Education: Kunal Gandhi, 35, Co-Founder and CEO, Logic Roots

“We used mice, frogs and monsters to turn math into something fun that families could practice together”


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