Words Apart

Aditya Mani Jha

Does multimedia add to reading?

The Little Green Book

Reading makes children care for the environment

Reading Fast and Slow

Try taking up a book one page at a time

Reading that Gives on

The unquantifiable value of a gifted book

Browsing Alert

Memory and instinct in a bookshop

My Reading Life

Meeting a younger me through my bookcases

Illness As Allegory

Pandemic thoughts after reading Mary Shelley and Albert Camus

Return to the Magic Mountain

Tired of re-reading Camus’ The Plague and closed-room murder mysteries, or of obsessing over the novel coronavirus? These ten novels about quarantine and isolation may help get you through the lockdown—whether you are ill, retreating from the world or just brooding

Reading in the Time of Pollution

Cooped up indoors with air filters

Imagination & Emojis

The emotional evolution in reading and writing


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