Mumbai Notebook

Anil Dharker

Jinnah's house on Malabar Hill and daily blood on the tracks

Modi on Build-India Spree

Modi prepares for the next round of assembly elections by expediting infrastructure projects and roping in global as well as local investors—even the armed forces are on duty

Confessions of a former Railway Board Member

“A cup of tea costs Rs 8 to 15 in cities. For the same amount, one can travel 50 to 120 km on Indian trains”

Confessions of a ticket examiner

“I have to collect a minimum of Rs 35,000 a month in penalties. Targets often turn railway officials cruel”

Cleaning up the Tracks

An NRI doctor tries to make the Railways address the 140,000 tonnes of shit left on the tracks daily

Confessions of a Railway Reservation Clerk

“Every morning, we have to declare what the railways call ‘miscellaneous cash’ when we sit for duty, and empty out our pockets before logging out.”


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