In Good Company

Attending the English classes at Cambridge

Online Gamers: Play, Boys

Online gamers are being housed and paid monthly salaries thanks to a subculture spawned in internet cafes and gaming arcades

All About the Mother

Once a beggar and now a saviour of the abandoned. The journey of Sindhutai Sapkal

MBA with a Difference

Forget the CAT and two-year general programmes, B-schools now offer highly specialised courses

Transit Maps

Vignettes of moveable roots

War on the Male of the Species

It requires skill and ‘determination’, a job few others can do. Meet P Ramesh, the expert chick sexer of Pune

Kalmadi Countdown

With the Commonwealth Games debacle near complete, the knives are out for Kalmadi in his home base.

A Ride Down H1N1

With the fear of swine flu spreading faster than the virus, Pune has become a city of masked people with strange encounters.

A School for Politicians

For Rs 2.75 lakh, a Pune institution promises to turn you into a full-fledged neta


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