Priyanka Chopra

Winning over South Beach

Rajeev Masand

Testing New Waters | Together or Not?

Waiting and Watching

Bieber Fever | The Fault in Our Stars

Agents of Change

Keep Calm and Work Hard | Traffic Tangle

Aamir’s Magic Dust

Blowing Hot, Blowing Cold | All Is Well?

She’s Here to Stay

The human saga behind broken glass ceilings

The Party Pooper

Seething and Simmering in Madrid | How to Break the Ice, Literally

Another Date Bites the Dust

Dawn of a Cold War | Baby Blooper

Priyanka Chopra: World at Her Feet

Many A-list Bollywood actresses have aspired to conquer Hollywood but no one has come close to what Chopra has achieved

Open Minds 2016: Editor’s Note

Question us and join the conversation

Open Minds 2016: Soft Power

The creative pursuits of artistes and thinkers, writers and intellectuals redefine human activities. It is these minds that we take note of and celebrate


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