private sector

Modi In the Marketplace

PR Ramesh and Siddharth Singh

On February 10th, when Narendra Modi, in a first for an Indian Prime Minister, defended the private sector in parliament, it signalled the country’s readiness to embrace its wealth creators, ending a prolonged injustice

A Broken System

Can private players plug the public failure gaps?

Quota Unquote

On the hazards of extending reservations to the private sector

Importing Coal to India’s New Castle

Coal need not be thrown open to the private sector for the country to exploit its vast potential

How to Overcome China Envy

India is gung-ho about public-private partnerships, but neither the Centre nor private sector is having it easy raising funds

Of Natural Wealth and Auctions

The Judiciary’s point about sharing natural resources equitably is welcome, but auctions need not necessarily serve India’s ‘common good’


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