Crime and Over-Punishment

Madhavankutty Pillai

Should leaking exam papers really merit life imprisonment?

No Sky Above

A wheelchair-bound prisoner’s appeal to the state and to humanity

The Jail Telecast

Viyyur Central Prison in Kerala starts a television channel of its own, by the inmates for inmates

Some Convicts are More Equal than Others

How a Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict doggedly used the Right to Information Act to reveal illegalities in Sanjay Dutt’s frequent leaves and remission from prison

Lust for Life

A first-hand perspective of Bengal’s prison systems

Byculla Women’s Jail: Prison Riot

The outrage after an inmate is beaten to death in Byculla Women’s Jail  

Grime and Punishment

Prison diaries of the infamously famous

Citizen Chained

A regional classic brings out the dehumanising experience of prison life

Co-opting the Dead

Take reports of suicides following Jayalalithaa’s conviction with a pinch of salt


The comeback queen of Tamil Nadu reaches a dead end


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