Shackles of a society

Sukkriti Nath

Understanding Caste through the eyes of Generation Z

The Islamic Factor

A novel of quiet intensity exposes flawed liberalism

Where Queer is Cool

The Union health minister’s attitude to alternative sexuality is typical of a prejudiced majority. For queer students who suffer alienation or worse, relief comes in the form of a campus network

Medicine’s not Enough to Save a Doctor’s Life

A group in the UK is helping ethnic minority doctors fight against the prejudices and inequities they face.

“We can’t disable our hidden brain”

Author Shankar Vedantam on the mental prejudice-graph which kicks in as early as age three, how it influences stock markets and why it turns some into suicide bombers.

The Many Perceptions of Rape

Doctors are surprised if the victim co-operates with them, for policemen wives cannot be raped by husbands, the defence tries to prove that the victim is a major because anyone over 16 is thought to have given consent, judges worry about marital prospects of victims…everyone expects this crime to fit into their picture


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