Technocrat or Alchemist?

S Prasannarajan

Choosing your new leader

Keeping it in the Family

The Rajapaksas had turned the government into a fiefdom. Sri Lankans knew just whom to blame when disaster struck

India can be part of an IMF-led effort to fund Sri Lanka, says Sergi Lanau

Former International Monetary Fund economist Sergi Lanau in conversation with Ullekh NP

The Lost Island: What’s Next?

As Sri Lanka descends into anarchy, India watches with caution

Offence: A Brief History

Any perceived criticism of figures of veneration has been a no-go zone for at least a century

The Sudden Death of a Protest

The government had learned its lesson and moved fast to quell the violent agitation against the Agnipath scheme with a tailored message and effective action

The Loud Sentinel

The Supreme Court’s observations in denying Nupur Sharma relief contradict its own precedent and the notion of judicial restraint

Reshuffle Time?

Modi may drop more of his Cabinet to bring in new faces considering that this might be the last reshuffle before the 2024 General Election

The Last Resort

Luxury retreats continue to be a haven for both party honchos to herd their flock and rebels who want to break away


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