Praful Patel: The Next One?

Jayanta Ghosal

But his utility to the BJP is questionable

Booze Cronyism

Did AAP’s government in Delhi provide inordinate benefits to liquor licensees at the expense of the public exchequer?

Running Out of Ideas

A Congress in disarray has sharpened rivalries among Opposition parties while Modi is already in election mode

OBC Gambit?

After stitching the upper-caste and Dalit votes, the BJP now wants to make inroads into Other Backward Classes?

Left, Right or Centre?

The ideological dyslexia of the thinking individual

Our History Wars

Hindutva and Swaraj VII

Margdarshak Club

M Venkaiah Naidu, at only 73, may feel that he isn’t old enough to be consigned to the club

Allies’ Return?

Several old allies who went out of the NDA seem to be on the same page with BJP when it comes to the latter’s presidential nominee

The Cultural Difference

Mahua Moitra is entitled to wage her own culture wars by stressing Bengali exceptionalism

Technocrat or Alchemist?

Choosing your new leader


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