Reserving the Future

V Shoba

The quota adjustment in Karnataka is an ambitious attempt by BJP to widen its social base

The New Dalals

Indiaphobes despise any development that advances the national interest

Anurag Thakur: Voice Of Government

Being among the younger—and fitter

Folk goes Feminist

Updating songs of the past to keep pace with today’s gender politics

Winning Where It Is Weak

BJP firms up its strategy for the Lok Sabha polls by targeting the most challenging seats

Microphone Therapy

The functioning of microphones in Parliament and their alleged manipulation

Of Liberal Nationalists and Illiberal Liberals

Why liberal works better as an adjective

The Man Who Mistook Himself for Bhindranwale

Just before Amritpal Singh went underground, Open travelled with the radical separatist in the region that was once the epicentre of insurgency in Punjab. With the government’s belated crackdown, has the crisis been averted? A dispatch

The Dynastic Archipelago

Opportunism is the signature of Indonesian elections


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