Chirag Paswan: Sonset

PR Ramesh

Chirag Paswan’s journey is going to be long and lonely

Brahmin Face

Prasada had been in touch with Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, too, but ultimately decided to place his bet on BJP even though Akhilesh had offered the deputy chief ministership to him

Pathogenic Empire

Soviet China can afford to defy the world even in its Chernobyl moment

Amarinder Singh: Captain’s Way

Why Amarinder Singh is likely to prevail on the Congress leadership

Federalism Unvaccinated

Ambitious chief ministers have, for now, realised their mistake. The Centre does well at macro tasks while states deliver micro ones

Bridging the Gap

The question now is who will be the architect of the new Centre-state equation

Benjamin Netanyahu: A Break from Bibi

Israel may have got a new prime minister but its longest serving one is not going away for good

The Idea of Central Vista

In line with an India that is on the cusp of becoming a Great Power

In Search of the Real Savarkar

The place of Muslims in his Hindu Rashtra

Vaccination Monitor

PK Mishra, known to be extremely low-key and one who never interacts with the media, is perhaps for the first time giving interviews to English dailies


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