Kejriwal’s Fake Record

Virendra Kapoor

The streetsmart AAP boss relies on the proverbial short memory of the people

CAA: A Moral Amendment

The CAA is the only hope of survival that the 17 million Hindus still left in Bangladesh can clutch at

The Planted Attack

The rumour that KV Kamath, former ICICI head, could be finance minister

Meena Kandasamy: The Bare Absolute Minimalist

Meena Kandasamy talks about politics, parenthood and her new novel

The Muslim Rage

There is little for secularists to cheer

The New Decade

The 21st century begins in 2020

The ‘Shah’ of Big Things

It is being said that there could be a Cabinet reshuffle after the Budget Session

Why We Protest

A brief history of angry streets

Death of the Hero

And the virtues of collective action

The Future of Conservatism

The day after the Boris Revolution


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