Pervez Musharraf

‘Musharraf’s Undoing: Playing Politics While Maintaining his Military Swagger’

Ullekh NP

Historian and author Ayesha Jalal in conversation with Ullekh NP

The Instigator

He stole credit from colleagues and ran a global illegal nuclear proliferation network

Spy vs Spy

When the RAW put the ISI in a spot after 9/11

The Ideal and the Real

Will Imran Khan be Pakistan’s first Prime Minister to last a full term?

The General in His Cul-De-Sac

Musharraf’s conviction is a first in the history of Pakistan

Musharraf’s Moment of Reckoning

Those cheering the death penalty for the former dictator need to exhale

Back to the Barracks

The army should return to where it belongs for the sake of Pakistan

The Bloody Biography of Change

By all accounts, India is not a factor in the election. Is this because the consensus on India is so strong across Pakistan’s political divides that no party gets extra mileage by wrapping the flag around itself?

Imran Khan and the Struggle for a New Pakistan

Imran Khan is hopeful of winning the Pakistani General Election on July 25th. Despite his legendary U-turns and his never-changing mantra of ‘me-myself-I’, there is one thing that remains unquestioned in an environment where corruption is a way of life: his financial integrity. He is many things but he is not corrupt. And Pakistan is everything for Imran Khan

Is the Law Identical for All?

Will the military establishment, said to be in cahoots with the Supreme Court, ever restrain itself from imposing its power in tacit and blatant ways? Will the ruling elites ever be properly checked for wealth beyond apparent means?


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