The Emotional Brahmastra

Sonali K

Matrimony-pushing parents are better armed than you’d think

Meeting the Parents

…and the uncertain baggage that comes with it

Confessions of a Playschool Teacher

“Parents don’t take kindly to kids returning home with scribbles. They don’t understand that this is the best children can do at this age”

Ways of Seeing

One person’s terrorist is another’s martyr and somebody else’s son who could do no wrong

The Fading Away of Parents

You may not have shared a great relationship with your parents. But even at the mere thought of their passing away, the world around you will collapse.

My Father, Alyque

For years, they met for half an hour daily. Later, it was the lunch slot, a business meeting almost. It took a while to sort it all out, but one holiday and the birth of his sister changed it all. He’s never been much of a dad but Quasar Thakore Padamsee says he couldn’t have asked for a better friend than ‘AP’.


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