Why Are They Afraid of Imran Khan?

And the forces behind his persecution

Rising In the Ruins

As Pakistan hits an all-time low, Imran Khan is enjoying a record-high popularity

Pakistan’s Alien Roots

The Islamic revivalism that birthed the nation was decidedly Middle Eastern in spirit

The Unending Cycle of Terror

Terrorist groups daily remind Pakistan of the terrible price its security personnel and civilians are paying

From Lahore, With Love and Longing

A Pakistani filmmaker crafts a global hit, challenging taboos at home, with help from an Indian producer

The Architecture of Atonement

What Germany could teach Pakistan about admitting genocide

Lyari, Karachi’s football hub, has a message for clerics, politicos

Videos of large crowds watching the World Cup from this urban settlement in Pakistan are going viral

Memory as Metaphor

Magic realism meets history in this retelling of Bangladesh’s origins


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