If Not Between 8 and 8

Madhavankutty Pillai

Another radical suggestion for Veerappa Moily to reduce fuel consumption

What Middle East Volatility Might Mean

The US is about to impose new sanctions on Iran, which could mean oil anxiety is back

Let Us Give This Peace Pipe a Chance

As America’s energy anxieties ease, India may get a realistic chance to address its own

Crude Control

Life in this remote town has been altered beyond recognition by the discovery of oil

Confusion at the Pump

Oil companies have asked the Government to re-regulate petrol prices so that it picks up half the tab for its populism

America’s New Iran Strategy

The goal of America’s latest sanctions is to reduce Iran’s export earnings drastically while shielding the global economy from oil price spikes

Doomsday Scenario

What makes Iran important for global crude oil markets is its geo-strategic location, not its volume of exports

India’s Oil Sector Conundrum

If the Centre reduces taxes on petrol, it will have to raise them elsewhere, which will again fuel inflation

Oil Is Well, or Is It?

The IEA’s latest annual report puts the world oil subsidy total at $312 billion for 2009, with India listed as the fourth biggest subsidiser with $21 billion spent by the state to cushion fuel users.

Coconut Start this Economy

We break it to mark auspicious beginnings. The Nicobaris are cracking this wonder nut to restart their tsunami devastated lives.


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