The Sisterhood of Resistance

Shahina KK

Kerala’s protesting nuns derive hope from an unsolved murder coming to trial after 27 years

God Against Libido

Where’s the reformer who will nail a thesis on the door of the Catholic Church?

Nun The Less

In a historic show of solidarity, a group of nuns in Kerala has forced the church and the state to finally act against a bishop who had allegedly raped one of them. V Shoba in Kochi listens to the sisters who dared

A Prayer for My Sister

She lives in a cloistered world of silence and submission. Endurance is her supreme prayer. She is out there on the street today, demanding justice for the one who has allegedly been raped by a bishop. Pitted against a patriarchal church and an indifferent state, a nun’s life is a lone battle. And it all returns to her body

Holy Shame

The transactional power of the church in the secular politics of Kerala makes the loneliness of the nun starker

Not A Matter of Faith

Why the Church must force the Bishop accused of rape to step down


It is not easy to be a former priest or nun in Kerala


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