Hate Wave in the Capital

Rajeev Deshpande

Has Delhi become a communal tinderbox?

Modi’s Fireman

When Ajit Doval hit the burning streets of Delhi

The Doval Doctrine: Never Say Never Again

India’s National Security Adviser may be playing the diplomat with China, but it is his muscular approach to threats that makes him effective

Pirates of the Cyber World

India cannot afford to remain complacent

Big Brother On Trial

A moral argument against power in the age of surveillance

C Raja Mohan: World Connection

Over time, he has emerged as one of India's top strategic experts who could inspire a shift from the status quo

Simmering Border Heat

NSA-level talks called off. LoC tensions on the rise. Non-state actors on a rampage. Is Pakistan’s military brass emboldened by an upcoming opportunity in Afghanistan?

National Security Advisor

Its role in matters surrounding the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks has been ordinary.

Intelligence Quotient

Systemic ineptitude led to the Mumbai terror strikes. The weapons of the war we need to wage.


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