Novak Djokovic

Forever Federer

Boria Majumdar

All grace and talent, he will remain the players’ champion

The Unfairness of Crowds

Why Djokovic doesn’t get their support despite deserving it

The Future of Djokovic

But for anyone expecting him to curl up somewhere in desperation, this seems improbable given his history

Age of Unreason

What Novak Djokovic’s experience says about fear and power in the time of Covid

Rafael Nadal: Return of the King

His French Open win was a salve to all our wounds of a changed world

Novak Djokovic: Unheroic

The unravelling of a tennis superstar

Novak Djokovic: Playing Havoc

The World’s No 1 male tennis player wantonly got himself and others infected


Slam No 15, according to the 'rest'

Alexander the (Likely) Great

Alexander Zverev has now become the leader of the newest chasing pack, one that promises to do what many lost generations couldn’t—make tennis a young man’s sport again


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