North East India

The Peace Dividend

DPK Pillay

Political agreements and a firm hand in dealing with insurgencies have normalised the Northeast, making it easier for India to face Chinese threats across an unsettled border

Speaking in their own Voices

New creative forces from Nagaland and Manipur

Narendra Modi: Optimum Power

The undiminished popularity of Narendra Modi and the unmatched organisational skills of Amit Shah have made BJP India’s natural party of governance. Is India closer than ever to one-party dominance?

The Revenge of the Underclass

A historic win for BJP as the last Marxist citadel falls to a Tribal backlash

Manipur: The Geography of Change

A state of opportunity, not challenge

Assam: Storming the Citadel

Assam’s anxiety about its identity and illegal migration made it a natural constituency for the BJP

India’s new security doctrine: Red lines redrawn

New Delhi’s muscular new security doctrine could have a far-reaching impact over the years


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