new generation

The Alphas

Lhendup G Bhutia

Hyper-connected, opinionated and influencer-led, the generation of the future is beginning to make its imprint

The Millennial Model

There is more to life than money

Sustainable Fashion: Natural Cool

A new generation of designers is recycling waste fabric, making only what can be consumed, and reviving traditional skills. Sustainable fashion makes an indian statement

Self-Help Writers: Light Motive

The new generation of self-help writers remains staunchly secular and subversive

Who Will Win Tata’s Trust?

Cyrus Mistry’s successor will have his work cut out for him

The Invisible Hand of the Startup Economy

With disruptive business models, new generation e-commerce entrepreneurs are changing Indian society in multiple ways

Here Come the Wealth Managers

And they are the fortune tellers for the new-generation entrepreneurs. We step into their world of high stakes and smart thinking to get a glimpse of the new economy at work

Turning a new page

It’s transition time in Indian publishing families as a new generation faces a difficult market with daring ideas


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