Who’s Afraid of Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

TCA Raghavan

Let him not divide India further

Dattatreya Hosabale: ‘Secularism in India has been anti-Hindu’

Open Conversation with Dattatreya Hosabale, joint general secretary, RSS

Vinay Sitapati, Author

Rao’s Redeemer

The Cultural Campaign of RSS: War Over the Mind of India

Even as RSS tries to add new icons to its intellectual history, it wants to redeem scholars denigrated by the leftist establishment

Is This Really What We Deserve?

Rahul Gandhi too, like the other Nehru-Gandhi eminences, sees the Republic as an extension of the family

Rahul Gandhi Corporation

It has no balance sheet, but talks balance. It has no earnings, but forecasts electoral dividends. It is an exercise in management, but what it can manage is an interesting question. Here’s the team that runs the leader’s show


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