N Srinivasan

Message from Bangladesh

The writing is on the wall for both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and ODIs

Lalit Modi: The cost of a fugitive

How a disgraced cricket czar in exile, an indiscreet foreign minister and a royally aloof chief minister have created the first big moral embarrassment for the Narendra Modi Government. The inside story

Game of Thrones

The men who administer Indian cricket are at it again

The silence is not broken

Dhoni’s comment on the IPL betting controversy is as good as a no-comment

Clean Chit to Srinivasan

The enquiry distributed clean chits to virtually everyone

‘BCCI President’, ‘Srini Sir’, ‘Psychopath’

Understanding India’s most infamous cricket administrator, N Srinivasan

Why the Super Kings Reign

The IPL success of Chennai Super Kings can be traced to a certain business acumen. That of India Cements’ N Srinivasan. He is that rare team owner who knows exactly what he’s up to.


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