Outside the iPod

Pramila N. Phatarphekar

From Carnatic and Hindustani classical performances to religio-folk songs and fusion bands, it’s three days and nights dedicated to discovering the richness of Indian music.

AR Rahman

Mani Ratnam chanced upon him at a function to recognise excellence in the field of advertising.

The Sound of Winter

If you think Delhi is a musically dead city, tune in once again and listen to these notes blowing in with the cool winds.

Songs of War

These young musicians from strife-torn places like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka are rebels in their homeland. But they believe their music is a weapon of peace.

A Voice Unmatched

A disciple remembers the late Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, a musician with tender emotions.

The Day the Music Lived

It’s time for music enthusiasts to make their annual pilgrimage. In its ninth year, Ruhaniyat, a mystic music festival, is bringing in artistes from India, Egypt, Iran and Indonesia

Business Briefing 17/10

Dylanesque duplicity and how dollar blues drive investors to gold...

Wireless Walkman

The earphones and player are not wirelessly connected, they’re built into the head band. It’s more expensive than other Mp3 players, but hey, it’s a Sony

A Muse I Have No Use for

He suffers from amusia and can’t tell the difference between the national anthem and Beethoven’s Fifth


Dylan, Morrison, the Beatles refuse to go out of our heads. Unlike techno, funk or whatever it was we heard yesterday


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