The Photographer of Dhobi Ghat

Madhavankutty Pillai

When Jyotika Jain was signed on for the movie, she had hundreds of photos of female train commuters but no clue what film photography meant

An Arresting Diet

The struggle to trim Mumbai police waistlines

A Newspaper for the Blind

...is being published in Mumbai by a man who can see

A Couple of Numbers

This husband and wife live off cricket statistics

Dhobi Ghat

The city of great texture and matching indifference is poignantly captured by Kiran Rao in a sparkling debut

Mumbai Marathon

Only one Indian has ever won the Full Marathon in Mumbai

Sex and the Mumbai Police

Two recent cases highlight how the city police force is getting screwed by its libido

Bar Code

Sonia Faleiro’s ‘Beautiful Thing’ is a vivid narrative of Mumbai’s bar dancers and how the ban of 2005 imperilled their livelihood.

Lafangey Parindey

A moving tale, supported by fine performances, about a friendship that comes with a price.

Sporting Art

Fifa fever takes on a new space: an art gallery houses Riyas Komu’s latest exhibition celebrating football.


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