Tuneful Whistleblowers

Manju Sara Rajan

In this association of engineers, software professionals and doctors, whistling is a group activity.

Confessions of a Metered Cab Driver

“The call centre, where people call to book a cab, is useless. They can’t get addresses right. They turn Andheri East to Andheri West.”

From the Horse’s Mouth

The Kala Ghoda fest is supposedly about nine days of ‘cultural’ activity. But it’s really more a street fair.

Little India

If proof were ever needed that being an exclusivist society goes against the grain of the city, take the culinary route to discover Bombay.

Taj Restored

Two much-loved hangouts of the Mumbai elite, housed in the Taj Mahal hotel, have risen triumphantly from their ashes.

Justice in Clothes

A shop in Mumbai which tailors clothes for lawyers and judges turned 100 recently

Business Briefing 12/09

The Indian real estate market; gold prices; Dalda's image makeover; and Abu Dhabi semiconductors

The Milk Banks of Mumbai

Government hospitals store breast milk for newborns whose mothers can’t feed them

Confessions of a Stock Broker

There is no such thing as an honest stockbroker

Death of the Urban Village

Mumbai’s Shanghai dream involves ‘saving’ Dharavi by first razing it. As this extract shows, this benefits nobody more than the corrupt builder-politician lobby


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