Little Richard (1932-2020): The King and Queen

Lhendup G Bhutia

Unapologetically Black and queer, he set the terms for a new genre

We Are All Calibans Today

The culture of Americanisation

The Historical Tangle

Agitation against the movie Panipat by Jats is the same old story

To Remain a Superstar

The travails of Shah Rukh Khan as he searched for a hit

Cinema for Change

Day 5 at the MAMI film festival explored films that go beyond individuals and mirror the politics and social realities of the world we live in today

The Pull of the Provincial

Has the metro become less glamorous for Indian cinema?

Joker Movie Review

‘Joker’ is certainly watchable - mainly for its art direction

Angel Has Fallen Movie Review

There is plenty of shooting, to be sure, but the bonfire is missing

Future Present

Many tomorrows of South Asia in books and art

Once Upon a Time in Monterey

Delightful and real like its characters, Big Little Lies is my smile for all the big little things that make my life a constant source of happiness


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