Confessions of a Personal Shopper


“My job is to source what is right for them. I am not the guy who trails behind people, holding five shopping bags in each hand”

Blood Money

This film has all the elements of the Bhatt success formula, but in the wrong proportion

Voters, Analysts, Leaders

The behaviour of all three can be explained in some way by the insights of Behavioural Economics

How We Buy

Why we savour as much as monitor our family experience at large-format outlets. And why we are not ready to dump our cornerstore kiranawala

The Imperfect Investor

Spare a moment to recognise and think about your cognitive biases and other behavioural quirks, and you might just make a lot more money

It’s Animal Spirits, Silly

Keynes’ big idea was inspired by Indian attitudes towards money. Yet, as India Inc behaves stingy and the economy turns weak, it is dangerous to apply his policies blindly

A Voyeur’s Guide to the Billionaire Experience

A hedonistic celebration of affluence

Box-Office Followers

The danger of reducing movies to money

Got Change?

The logic of currency denominations. And the possible irrelevance of it all

The Savings Shift

Strapped for money, most Indians have sought a risk-return midpoint. It’s quite a mindset shift from the pre-2008 days


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