Shaliza Dhami: Flying Colours

Lhendup G Bhutia

The first female commander of an Air Force combat unit heralds a changing military

A New Sharif in Islamabad

The Pakistani prime minister will continue to be the army’s tenant

Edward Luttwak Wants Indian Forces to Learn ‘Hiring’ from Israel

Emulate IDF which recruits even autistic candidates to utilise their special talent, says acclaimed American military scholar

The Tragedy of a Few Good Men

Malcolm Gladwell’s new book examines one of the great moral challenges of World War II and the price of different actions

Rebels versus Soldiers

Increasingly, guerrilla groups and government troops exhibit similar military behaviour

The Age of Assertion

India’s diplomatic heft and military confidence are at all-time high

A Bad Deal

COMCASA marks an erosion of India’s sovereignty

‘My advice to Pakistan: Stop inventing history,’ says Husain Haqqani

Open conversation with Husain Haqqani, Pakistani diplomat and former ambassador to the United States and Sri Lanka

The Last Animal Farm

India’s biggest project in cattle innovation comes to an end. So does a colonial legacy


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