Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: ‘There is no scientific debate in this country’

Nandini Nair

From the Biodiversity Bill to women in boardrooms, the irrepressible Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw strikes a different note

Anand Madanagopal: Heart Warmer

He is the cardiac care entrepreneur you have never heard of. But you will when his revolutionary product hits the market

Interpretation of a Malady

Is a permanent cure for diabetes just around the corner?

Yogic Nonsense

Why a minister’s cure for cancer is worse than the disease

Organ Swaps: The Domino Chain of Life

Organ swaps are happening between numerous families simultaneously to work around the problem of long waiting lists

The Law That Saved a Billion Lives

A portrait of a fearless piece of Indian legislation that assures affordable medication to the world’s poor

Burning Cash to Bust Those Blocks

The Indian pharma gameplan appears more like irrational overreach and less like an achievement


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