NCR Job Market: Mind the Gap

They invest effort and money in big dreams but get only meagre returns. Young men and women on being let down by the NCR job market

A Call from China

How Chinese handset maker Xiaomi, which has sold over a million smartphones in India, is revisiting its strategy to ride a second wave of growth

Sheer Laciness

Emergent India’s market for premium lingerie is buoyant, no doubt, but here is how it could boom

The Equity Cult: Hopes of Revival

An obituary of equities would be vastly exaggerated— ‘loss aversion’ is largely irrational and can be exploited by savvy bargain hunters

Tale of Two Deficits

Retail investors are often left in the lurch, at the losing end of games they are not party to

Roses were Red

While Delhi sleeps, they take over small parts of the city. They are not criminals, they are flower sellers. And the government is banishing the latter from the city.

After the US Meltdown, a Eurozone Crisis

It’s not a bloodbath yet, but the signs on Dalal Street don’t make for happy reading. In just a month, the gains made by Indian stockmarkets have been grievously eroded.

Waiting for the Trigger

The direction of the market from here on will be determined by the next wave of reforms and its impact on corporate earnings. But can the Government deliver?


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