The Hydration Revolution

Lhendup G Bhutia

The reinvention of water as a wellness commodity

Old Money

How Covid-19 changes are pushing businesses to target a largely ignored demography of the elderly

Going Big on Bitcoin

Should cryptocurrencies become mainstream, it would make a big dent on the power of governments

Breaching 50,000

On the Sensex touching historic levels in the midst of an unprecedented recession

Liberating the Indian Farmer

The farm sector reforms will end monopolies and give neglected states a level playing field

Breaking the Shackles

The government’s immediate problem is finding the resources to meet multiple demands for money

The Code of Money

How bitcoins solve the problem of trust among bearers of currency

Other Damages

The world will at some point have to do a cost-benefit analysis of its response to the pandemic

No Country for Diesel Cars

The death of the internal combustion engine that rose to dominance with Ford’s Model T doesn’t seem far away

A Flawed Argument

The use of non-economic factors to explain India’s economic troubles does not square with the facts


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