Market Manna

Madhavankutty Pillai

PSU stocks have seen an extraordinary boom of late as a result of reforms that began in 2014 and the government’s vast capital expenditure to bolster them

How to Sell a Book

The mechanics of marketing that separate a literary darling from a literary nobody

Anxiety to Stay Relevant

The pressures of keeping up in an ever-changing world

The Middle-Class Path

Why the country’s most dependable taxpayers deserve more from Budgets

IIM Calcutta: Rigour and Relevance

The benefits of social good over the balance sheet

An English Elegy

Not since World War II has the country looked so defeated

A Fair Deal

Building a national digital bazaar

Radhika Gupta: Wise Counsel

What the next-generation investors can learn from Radhika Gupta

‘You have got to be optimistic in a young country,’ says Rohini Nilekani

Rohini Nilekani speaks to Open about creating a balance between the state, communities and the marketplace

The Great Inflation Scare

The combination of a pandemic, broken supply chains and the war in Ukraine seemed to have whipped up a perfect inflationary storm in India


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