Manmohan Singh

The Seven-Year Itch

Jatin Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi loyalist Pulok Chatterjee replaces Manmohan’s man TKA Nair. But that alone isn’t enough to fix the PMO

Mr Prime Minister, You Are Defaulting

For all his reformist credentials, the PM is in danger of being remembered as a failure on the issue that matters most—inflation

Sonia versus Manmohan

The Cabinet reshuffle betrays a tussle over economics within the Congress Party at the very top

The Man Who Lost His Charm

Dr Manmohan Singh and his government find themselves in a bigger mess than they ever bargained for. But if there is consolation, it is this: no rival political force can threaten the regime anytime soon

No, Prime Minister

Either abolish environment laws or follow them—undercutting them is not an option for the Prime Minister's Office

The Leadership Deficit

At a time when the country needs leadership, India is being managed by an able and dutiful economist who far too often forgets that he is supposed to possess a spine

So, Who’s the Boss?

From two not so long ago, the Congress now has three clear power centres, but no one knows how and where whose writ runs

Behind the Curve

Can this PM summon another ‘nuclear’ moment, or will the chaos in Kashmir continue to spiral out of control?

An Inept PMO

The PM’s silence on Kashmir has been subject to valid scrutiny of late, but the problem lies as much with his official aides.

India This Week

Behave with the Governor: CM to His Party; Let Down by His Own Son; Darjeeling’s Limited Democracy; Vision Impossible


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