Raj Thackeray’s Test

Haima Deshpande

Why he wants his partymen to clear a written exam to qualify as poll candidates

Confessions of a doctor of politicians

“Treating a politician is good for the CV. One’s patient load also increases. A politician will always recommend you to others”

Two Million Bogus Students

Influential owners of government-aided schools have profited in their name

The Bal Thackeray Whimper

Unless the ageing leader pulls off a surprise this Dussehra, the Shiv Sena could well be history soon

The New Godman in Town

He is married with a daughter, likes to race his car, has 100 watches, 400 sunglasses, and almost the entire legislative assembly of Maharashtra seeks his ‘advice’. Bhayyu Maharaj, a stranger to Anna but the one who crucially mediated with him at the Government’s behest, is an unusual guru

The Tobacco Fight

The Chief Minister plans counselling sessions for ministers to quit tobacco

The Munde Muddle

Why the OBC leader wants to leave the BJP, but can’t

A Watered-down Bill

The Maharashtra government rushes through a controversial bill after midnight

The Sanctity of Gender Equality

A group of feisty women wrest the right to worship at the inner sanctum of Hindu temples in Maharashtra, if only for a stipulated 90 minutes

Suspended Animation

The Prithviraj Chavan-led government in Maharashtra is going all out to appease the opposition.


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